Local veterinarian seeks pet homes

By Thomas Garcia, PNT Staff Writer

The Caprock Veterinary Clinic staff are doing all that they can to find good homes for stray and abandoned animals to prevent them from being euthanized.

Birds chirping, a shy cautious guinea pig and two slumbering hedgehogs — no it’s not a nature trail walk or a trip to the zoo — it’s the office of veterinarian Kathryn Bartlett.

For the past four years, the doctor and her husband, Joe Bartlett, have been working to get more cats and dogs adopted in Portales.

“It is a tragedy when animals are dropped off or abandoned simply because the owner no longer wants them,” Kathryn Bartlett said. “We try to find the animals homes because the animal would not have another chance otherwise.”

“We are not doing this for recognition,” Joe Bartlett said. “We are doing this with our own money and no sponsoring.”

The Bartletts have also picked up animals that were being held by the City of Portales Animal Shelter.

“The animal control officers will contact us when they pick up an animal that has a good chance of being adopted,” Kathryn Bartlett said. “Even with the ones that we save, many are still euthanized.”

The animals that are picked up and kept at the animal shelter are held for three days in case their owner is looking for them, Portales Police Capt. Lonnie Berry said.

“If we pick up an animal that is purebred or exotic we will contact a rescue agency to come and pick up the animal,” Berry said. “Kathryn is currently the only vet in town and the only person who comes voluntarily and picks animals up.”

If the Bartletts cannot find a home locally for the animals, they are taken to a no kill shelter in Santa Fe or the Boulder Valley Humane Society shelter, in Boulder, Colo.

“We recently went to the shelter in Boulder to look over the facility and it is wonderful,” Kathryn Bartlett said.

“When you’re sending animals off to be adopted, you kind of want to see where they are going and how they are treated,” Joe Bartlett said. “The facility in Boulder is amazing, and they do such a great job of getting animals adopted.”