ENMU staff serving tennis

By Mickey Winfield, PNT Staff Writer

You won’t see Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova on the Eastern New Mexico University tennis courts this summer, but you will see plenty of ENMU employees and students battling each other to have fun and stay in shape in ENMU’s lifelong wellness program.

The tennis program started June 7 and runs through July 12.

The weekend warriors get to the courts at 8:30 every Saturday morning for their wellness class, and also participate in some informal tennis action Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

“Wellness is important to the entire University, that’s why we have the wellness (program), because we feel that healthy bodies will miss less work, there’ll be less sickness, they’ll be more productive at work and they’ll be happy people,” ENMU director of communications services Wendel Sloan said.

The class will culminate with a tennis tournament on July 19.

“I love it,” Tammi Gardner said. “It’s a good workout, I’ve met a lot of friends and formed some good bonds.”

Fellow classmate Minh Tran agrees.

“(I’ve only played tennis) for about three or four months,” Tran said. “I enjoy it, it helps me work out and stay in shape. I’m making friends.”

Jessica Eden is an incoming freshman from Portales High School, and although she’s only been playing tennis for a few months, she’s glad she got into the program.

“It’s a lot of fun, I’ve met a lot of new people. It keeps me going,” Eden said.

Sloan says that the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon sessions “just sort of evolved” out of the Saturday morning class.

“Tammi and I are partners in the tournament so we just started practicing on Tuesdays and then it became every Tuesday and Thursday and then people started joining us and it’s taken on a life of its own.”

The program was installed for University faculty and staff to take part, but anyone can pay the course tuition and participate.

For more information or to sign up to play, contact Commissioner Ronda Hutcherson at ronda.hutcherson@enmu.edu.