Elida to hold flea market, arts and crafts fair

PNT Staff Report

Elida will be holding a flea market and arts and crafts fair the third Saturday of June, July and August.

“The goal is to bring the townspeople together one day out of the month and promote the town to outside sources,” event coordinator Judy Dukes said.

Starting a summertime event seemed like a great way to draw people into the town, she said. There is a lot of commercial and residential property available in town. The school system is great and hopefully once people see what Elida has to offer them, they might consider moving here, Dukes said.

Dukes said the idea for the flea market and crafts fair started out as a produce market.

“I wanted to start a farmers market of sorts,” Dukes said with a laugh. “But once I started looking at it, I realized I only grow enough produce for myself.”

Dukes found the inspiration for a flea market and crafts fair while visiting the senior citizens center in Elida.

“I noticed that we have a lot of very talented local artists,” Duke said. “This will be a way for them to display their artwork, trade and sell their work.”

The event is not limited to arts and crafts. People can sell garage sale items and produce, Dukes said.

“I have seen how successful flea markets have been in the north and am hoping for a similar outcome in Elida,” Dukes said.

Dukes said there will be no vendors’ fee in hopes of drawing out-of-town vendors.