Geocaching develops into annual Heritage Days event

By Thomas Garcia, PNT Staff Writer

A Portales resident has turned one of his favorite hobbies — geocaching — into an annual event during Heritage Days.

What is geocaching? It is not the latest eco-friendly fuel source or conservation practice; it is part treasure hunt and part mystery solving.

“Think of it as a high-tech treasure hunt,” said Doug Lynch, who has been organizing the annual geocaching event for six years. “It is challenging, addictive, and the whole family can do it.”

Lynch said he was bitten by the geocaching bug eight years ago when his son-in-law made him aware of the activity.

Geocaching is where a cache is hidden and the hunters find the location of the cache through coordinates or clues from coordinates using a GPS device. There are many tricks to locating a cache. Sometimes research must be done and the coordinates don’t always lead you to the cache, but instead to a clue to its location, Lynch said.