Clovis celebration includes second Dairy Boat Race

By Keely McDowell, Freedom New Mexico

The Fourth of July celebrations in Clovis will include the Second Annual Dairy Boat Race at Greene Acres Lake.

Participants were given a simple row boat and allowed to modify it within the rules, according to event organizer Steve Reshetar of the Matt 25 Hope Center, an office center for nonprofit organizations.

He also said the rules had to be modified this year due to the creativity of last year’s participants.

“Last year the rules stated no combustion engines and no electric engines, but a couple of them last year used nitrous oxide to drive a couple of the engines,” Reshetar said laughing.

“So this year we had to say it has to be totally human powered.”

During the race, teams must carry the boat 50 yards from the starting line to the water, and three men must be in the boat as it crosses Greene Acres Lake, according to Reshetar.