Creative Living July 11

Information on making gifts for men and removing water spots from furniture will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at noon Tuesday and at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Tera Leigh of Paintability will demonstrate how to make gifts that are masculine in appearance and more subtle than painted items that are usually created for women. She’ll paint an entire desk set that would look great in any man’s office at home or at work. She’s from Lafayette, Calif.

Lynn Hack-Gerhart, refinishing expert with QRB Industries in Houston, will show how easy it is to remove unsightly water spots from furniture. She’ll also go over the steps for several refinishing jobs.

Information on new cooking products, scrapbooking, and speed cleaning tips will be the featured topics at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and at noon Thursday.

Bernard Schnacke of Frieling USA will provide information on products for people who really enjoy cooking, including some that are seasonal, some that are a lot of fun to use, and all are very functional. He lives in Charlotte, N.C.

Designer Jinger Adams with Just Jinger/Wilton Enterprises will show a great way to bring scrapbooking to the wall. Adams will show how to use an unfinished wooden key rack, personalize it, and then ask family members to add a mini-scrapbook page to the rack. She’s from Sandy, Utah.

Author and cleaning expert Laura Dellutri will share some speed cleaning tips, tricks and gadgets to make cleaning easier and more effective. The five signs of clean are touch, see, smell, shine and toss. Her company is Healthy Housekeeper, Inc., and she lives in Overland Park, Kan.

QRB Furniture Refinishing and Restoration

Lynn Gerhart is the spokesperson for QRB Industries, and here’s the story of how these products came to be. Her father, Ron Hack, started QRB in 1963 while working as an X-ray technician. He bought some paint remover to refinish some of his personal furniture but wasn’t happy with what he found. None of the products worked very well; they damaged the furniture and were expensive. Having some background in chemistry, he decided to make something for himself.

He came up with something he liked and refined it over time. Customers coming into the store asked him what he was using that did such a nice job. After explaining it was his own concoction, many of them insisted he sell them some. He would have them bring in a jar or other container, and he would fill it for a couple of dollars. Soon he decided to design a label and started marketing his new invention. He called it QRB for “Quick Restored Beauty.”

Hack came home from the hospital one day and told his wife, “I quit my job today!” She was very concerned, being the conservative one in the family. But it has worked out quite nicely. Later Ron Hack added Instant Finish, Match-a-Color Stain and Scratch-Remover to the product line.

Over the years much of their advertising has been by word of mouth, which has developed a loyal following of customers. The Hacks believe this is due largely to the fact that they are not just trying to sell a product but want to teach people how to refinish furniture.

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