School Days Ahead

School-aged children in Portales, Floyd, Elida and Dora are heading back to school this month.

Important dates and times for Roosevelt County public schools:

l Portales municipal schools begin class for grades 2-12 Monday. An open house for grades 1-12 will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday. During the open house parents can speak with teachers and view classrooms. Parents can also take care of lunch tickets and bus scheduling at this time.

Classes begin for kindergarten and first grade on Aug. 25, while classes begin for pre-school Sept. 2.

Brown kindergarten will have scheduled meetings with parents on Aug. 19-21.

Information: Portales Schools at 356-6641.

• Floyd schools begin classes for K-12 Thursday morning with a watermelon welcome party Thursday night at 5:30 behind the high school.

Information: Floyd schools at 478-2211.

• Elida classes K-12 began on Monday, with pre-kindergarten classes starting today. An open house is to be scheduled for parents to visit with teachers and view classrooms.

Information: Elida Schools at 274-6211.

• Dora classes K-12 began school on Monday with an open house for parents, children and teachers still to be determined.

Information: Dora schools at 477-2211.