Alleged Clovis shoplifter run over by her getaway car

Freedom New Mexico Staff

A woman trying to steal liquor was run over by her getaway car on Wednesday afternoon, according to Clovis police.

A woman ran from a North Prince Street store with several bottles of liquor and a security guard on her heels, Police Capt. Patrick Whitney said.
Another woman police believe was her accomplice was waiting outside in a car, Whitney said.

The alleged thief was able to open the car’s door and throw in the liquor, but was run over when she fell trying to jump into the moving vehicle. Then, before she was able to get up, she was hit in the head by the car’s open door as the driver threw the vehicle in reverse, Whitney said.

Only then was the suspect able to get up and jump in the car and flee the scene.

It was not known whether the woman was seriously injured. Police said Thursday the case remains under investigation.