Oct. 10, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Hospital board race important

Please vote on Nov. 4 and don’t forget the importance of positions in our own community. These decisions make a difference in our lives every day.

Roosevelt County voters in District 5 will be choosing between Bill Rice and Lonnie Alexander for Roosevelt General Hospital board.

Bill was instrumental in getting the new RGH approved and built during his term serving as a county commissioner. He started working at the hospital during the final building stages before it opened and is still there supporting it with his hard work and dedication.

Bill is still working and serving in Roosevelt County and very involved at RGH, while Lonnie chose to move his practice to Clovis and Curry County.

Lonnie’s association is with the Clovis hospital, a Presbyterian facility. Perhaps it is that hospital board he should be trying to get elected to.

I would love to see a debate between the candidates before the election and would hope the local radio station might be interested in broadcasting it.

I’ve known Bill for many years and worked with him at RGH. I feel he is far more concerned with the local issues, the future of RGH, and the future of health care in Roosevelt County.

I am 100 percent behind Bill for the hospital board. Please look at what is at stake in our area and vote for the best man for the job, not name recognition with an M.D. behind it.

Peggy Davis


D.C. enslaving us to Wall Street

The crazy events of the last few weeks should have, at last, uncovered one key truth about our modern industrial society: We are becoming unwitting slaves to Wall Street.

Historically, this is nothing new. Replaying 1918