Clovis animal shelter closes black cat adoptions

By Sharna Johnson, Freedom New Mexico

Black cats in Clovis get a holiday, too.

Animal Control Supervisor Louisa Maestas said black cats are not available for adoption until Monday, after Halloween has passed.

The intention is to protect them from abuse in connection with Halloween, Maestas said.

Interest in black cats perks up around Halloween, she said. In the past, visitors to the shelter have come right out and said they want a black cat as an accessory for a Halloween party they are planning.

Maestas said she has also seen adopted black cats surrendered back to the shelter as soon as the holiday is over.

Maestas is not the only one. Across the nation, animal shelters report Halloween embargoes on black cat adoptions. Some won’t allow those adoptions the whole month of October; others just the couple weeks before the holiday.

Maestas said she has never seen an incident of abuse against a black cat in the area. The adoption embargo is a preventative measure.

“I do it because I want to make sure nobody comes in and adopts a cat just for Halloween, just for the fun of it,” she said.

And Maestas said in other areas of the country there have been reports of abuse and cruelty to black cats associated with Halloween and ritualistic activities.

“I’ve read a lot about it, and I want to make sure that it doesn’t happen here in Clovis,” she said.

Maestas said she instituted the policy about three years ago and embargoes black cat adoptions in the two weeks before the holiday.

There was one black kitten at the animal shelter Thursday.