Consider issues before casting vote on Tuesday

Freedom New Mexico

It’s not difficult to find someone willing to tell you who to vote for. Just step a few feet outside your home. Check the mailbox. Answer the phone. Attempt to walk to your voting precinct without someone trying to provide instructions.

You won’t hear that from us today. We wouldn’t presume to tell you how to vote. That’s a decision for each individual and we respect that constitutionally protected right.

There are qualities, however, that we believe are desirable traits for people who hold public office.

Take the economy: So-called experts and politicians disagree on the solution for the downturn in the country’s (and the county’s) economic fortunes. Whether on the national, state or local level, take a look at a candidate’s plan for the economy. Does it involve more taxes? Does it involve robbing Peter to pay Paul? Does it involve more government intervention?

We’re not experts on the economy. But you don’t need to be one to know that taking money out of the private sector and out of the pockets of the people who earn it isn’t a viable solution. Growing government isn’t the solution. Neither is increasing taxes.

The most desirable way to inject life into the economy is by cutting the tax burden on individuals and businesses. Consumer confidence can’t grow if there isn’t enough money left in your paycheck after taxes to pay the bills. And when people don’t spend, the economy tanks.

The way to grow government is through increased taxation. Any politician who believes the economic solution lies in increasing the size or influence of an already spiraling government bureaucracy doesn’t deserve your vote.

There’s also the contentious issue of foreign policy. A politician who sees the United States as capable of sustaining an occupying force in another country worries us. Our military should be charged with strong protection of our borders. Stopping terrorism starts at home. Let’s bring back our military and build up the defensive strength of our nation.

Proponents of military intervention in other countries like to cite how they “hate us for our freedom.” We believe they hate us because we are trying to run other countries. We must move away from any effort to establish the United States as a global empire. We have enough domestic problems to solve. Let’s focus on those. Look at the polls. Voters are screaming that the economy is the No. 1 issue facing this country — not terrorism, not war.

We believe candidates who fight to limit or reduce government, keep the markets free and open, and protect the liberty and rights of all individuals deserve your attention on Election Day.

Finally, please remember that polls don’t elect candidates. Voters do. Staying home on Election Day because the polls have seemingly declared a winner is a mistake. It’s your right to vote. Revel in your freedom to exercise it.