Portales residents react to Obama win

Krista Yeast, Republican, senior in public relations at Eastern New Mexico University
“As a hard-core Republican, I’m definitely disappointed in our loss,” Yeast said.
Barack Obama’s campaign was very strong and apparently won the hearts of both younger and older voters, as well as some Republicans, she continued.
“Especially with the (Sarah) Palin choice, a lot of Republicans weren’t as straight-ticket as they would have been,” Yeast said.
“I hope Obama will be a great president for us and prove (skeptical Republicans) wrong,” she said.

Matt Rush, Roosevelt County Republican Party chairman:

“It looks like it’s a bad day to be a Republican,” Rush said.
The chairman said Obama had a flawlessly run campaign.
“It’s going to be a time that Republicans are going to have to rebuild from the ground up,” he said of the future.

James Lee, Roosevelt County Democratic Party chairman:

“Of course, I’m very pleased that Sen. Obama won the election. I also have respect for Sen. McCain,” Lee said.
McCain is a good American and has given a lot for his country, Lee added.
“And I look forward to Sen. Obama healing the wounds from the campaign and bringing the country together,” Lee continued. “He has a big job ahead of him, and he’s going to need a lot of support from both parties.”

Janet Collins, Roosevelt County clerk on turnout

“(Turnout) was a little more than we’ve ever had, even for a presidential election, but not a lot more,” Collins said. “It depends based on how interested people are and the weather and who else is on the ballot.”

Barbara George, Roosevelt County probate judge, on the stress of election day

“First of all, I just said, ‘I’m turning this over to God and if he wants me there, that’s where I’ll be,’ I really didn’t worry about it that much until about an hour before I came down here (to the courthouse) and then it just hit me that I have to wait until all the voters of Roosevelt County speak and I have no idea what they’re going to say.”