12-9 It’s their job

Name: Michele Robertson

Job: Manager at Hestand’s Floral Gifts

Background: Robertson was raised in Portales and began her college studies at Eastern New Mexico University but shortly thereafter married a military man and moved away. She and her husband moved back to Portales after he retired from the service.

Time on job: One year

What does your job entail? I fill out orders and help customers make decisions on what to purchase or what kind of flowers they need for certain occasions. I also keep track of inventory and make the schedule for employees—typical managerial work.

What is a typical day like for you? After I come in and open the store, I check for orders that came in overnight and design those orders. I call customers to see if their orders are to be picked up or delivered, and then make arrangements for customers who walk in. I prep flowers and make room for new products.

Why did you choose this job? My parents bought the shop last year after asking me if I was interested in managing it. I get the most fun part by being here.

What type of training is needed for this job? Someone could get on-the-job training, but my training came from several places and several states. I’ve had a lot of help from wholesalers.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Seeing smiles on people’s faces when they get beautiful flowers and when they walk into the greenhouse and see our amazing rubber tree.