Showing resolve

“No, I don’t have a New Year’s resolution,” he said.

He seemed frustrated by the question as he worked out Friday at Gym X in Clovis.

“I’m the kind of person,” said Guillermo Garcia, “that if I have a goal, I will do it no matter what time of the year or day.”

Garcia, a Clovis railroad track inspector, said it bothers him when people make resolutions only to break them.

“When I come in to the gym at this time of the year, it’ll be
packed,” Garcia said. “Not a month from now, it will have thinned out.
But none of that affects me. Because I’m going to meet my goals either

For many, New Year’s is a time to look back over the past year and decide what should be changed.

For Clovis and Portales residents, resolutions range from losing weight to being more patient.

Bennie Zertuche of Portales is trying her hand at the patience challenge.

“I’m doing great so far,” she said. Zertuche explained that
sandwiches she and her friends had ordered for lunch took a little
longer than she’d like. But she didn’t lose her temper.

“For the past five years, losing weight was always my resolution,”
said Zertuche. “But it never worked. So I’m going to work on being
patient. I just step back and walk away.”

Carl Boband of Portales went above and beyond and made two New Year’s resolutions.

“I’m going to love my wife more than I do and I’m going to get in better shape,” he said.

Boband, a dairy service manager, said he plans to be more romantic
and considerate of his wife in 2009. And to lose weight, he’s going to
the gym more often.

“But most of it will be done through faith,” he laughed. “I think
resolutions are a good way to start the year. It gives people something
to strive for.”