It’s their job: Lacy Price

Name: Lacy Price

Job: Waitress at Mark’s Restaurant and Catering

Background: Price was raised in Texico, but moved to Portales to study speech therapy at Eastern New Mexico University

Time on job: Two years

What does your job entail? Typical waitress duties. My overall job is to keep customers happy.

What is a typical day like for you? I stay pretty busy. Breakfast in the morning is steady. The same people come in every day, and it is nice to visit with them.

Why did you choose this job? It helps me financially as I go through college. For the hours, it makes the most money for not having a degree. I am also a very interactive person. I do not like sitting around at a desk.

What type of training, if any, is needed for this job? It is mainly on-the-job training. Someone who is experienced will show the new employee the ropes. The quicker they get it, the sooner they will be on the job.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy the interaction with everyone. I get to be friends with people I would have never met.