Feb. 1, 2009 Dora School News

Science fair winners
David Bass, principal, and Lana Powell, science teacher, announce these winners of the 2009 Dora School Science Fair:
• Earth Science – first, The Earth Layers, Kyle Burress; second, Volcanoes, Ismael Machado; third, Up Draft, Chase Varnell
• Physics – first, Goin Showin Safely, Koby Cone; second, Under Pressure Ball Bouncing Dynamics, Dylan Privett; third, Dry Ice Blaster, Shalea Moore
• Chemistry – first, Corroding Metals, Gowan Hays; second, Molecules, Makayla Stroup; third, Sugar Content of Drinks, Bailee Thatcher
• Biology – first, Effects of Caffeine, Averi Skelley; second, How Concerned, Daniella Montanez; third, Alzheimers, Laney McConnell
• Best Overall – first, Goin Showin Safely, Koby Cone; second, Corroding Metals, Gowan Hays; third, Molecules, Makayla Stroup

• Tuesday – JV & Varsity teams host Jal at 4 p.m. (2 gyms)
• Friday – JH White, JV, & Varsity teams play at Elida, 3 p.m. (2 gyms)
• Saturday – HOMECOMING!