It’s their job: Steven Gamble

Name: Steven Gamble

Job: Eastern New Mexico University President

Background: I went to graduate school and got my Ph.D. in history, taught history and worked my way through administration and was the vice president for academic affairs at West Texas A&M University. I went to Southern Arkansas University and was president for ten years of that institution.

Time on the job: I have been the president of ENMU for seven and a half years.

What does your job entail: I represent the university through external constituents, the public, the state Legislature, the federal government and any entity because I am basically the university representative and spokesperson. I also deal with personnel decisions, regarding hiring and tenure promotion of faculty and am very involved with the formulation of the budget that goes to the Board of Regents. I work to make sure the academic standards of the university are upheld.

What is a typical day like for you: There is no such thing. I could be in Washington, D.C., talking to people trying to get funding for the university; I could be meeting with the Faculty Senate; eating lunch with the students in the lunchroom; or meeting with student leaders at an organization. At night I could be attending some community meeting, which is involved in making the community a better place to live, or hosting something at my house to cultivate grants for the university.

Why did you choose this job: I love higher education and working with students, faculty and staff. I very much enjoy what I do; it is the people who make the job enjoyable.

What type of training is needed for this job: I would say, work your way through the university, being in classroom, then holding various academic posts, like being a dean and then vice president. I think that is the best preparation you can have on becoming a university president.

What do you enjoy most about your job: Meeting the people, especially the students, and working with the faculty, staff and the community leaders in Portales. They are good people, and I enjoy working with them every day.