School board offering scholarships

By Argen Duncan: PNT Senior Writer

Portales Municipal Schools is offering two new $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors starting this May.

One boy and one girl of the school board’s choosing will receive a one-year Portales Municipal Schools Board of Education Scholarship, said Superintendent Randy Fowler. He expects the award to continue every year, although the amount could change.

“It’s a way to recognize the service of our board,” Fowler said.

The superintendent said members aren’t paid for their work and often don’t receive acknowledgment for their role in the success of the schools.

“Their management style as board members makes a tremendous difference in how the school operates,” Fowler said.

The scholarship also allows the board to honor top college-bound students who may need financial help, he said.

School board President Alan Garrett said the board was supposed to be doing anything they could to help students continue their education. He wasn’t interested in recognition from the scholarship.

“It’s mainly just for the students,” Garrett said. “We do this because we believe in it and think it needs to be done.”

Fowler said the money for the scholarships comes from an activity fund.

“We’ll kind of set aside funds and let that accumulate,” he said.

Other future plans depend on how the scholarship works out and what future school boards and administrations want to do, Fowler said.

According to district information, scholarship recipients must have a GPA of at least 3.0, and the board will consider community service, participation in school activities and academic achievement. The winners must also enroll in a New Mexico university full time in the fall following high school graduation.

Fowler said high school counselors would receive criteria for the scholarship soon.

Applications are due at the district central office by April 15.