Business Feature: Portales electrician branches out

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Chris Miller is a licensed electrician and a busy man meeting the needs of commercial enterprises and residents in Portales. Miller has been an electrician since 2003 and last October he started his own business, Electrictek LLC.

Business is booming: His job keeps him very busy as an established electrician.

“It starts just like everyone else. One day your looking for a job and the next you find one your good at,” Miller said. “It just seemed to be my thing. I believe there is a lot of room for an electrician to meet our community’s needs. This is what I base my business on is doing customer service. I want satisfaction before I leave.”

Learning the trade: Miller is a hands-on individual.

A typical day for Miller is a busy one because he has to be mentally ready for the job.

“I bend pipe, run wire,” Miller said. “I’ve done commercial work so far, but I do it all.”

Miller’s business serves Portales, Clovis and any place else who needs his expertise.

There is a lot knowledge needed to properly perform his job.

“The different size wire is rated for different kinds of current,” Miller said. “You can only put enough of a current on a certain type of wire.”

Getting a license: It takes a lot of work to get a contractors license. It takes time on the job and a test.

Being a licensed contractor is very important. Miller said It takes a lot of thinking and a lot of hours of work experience, then you take the test, pray you pass. There is a valid reason for all this.

“There are places that are rubble and ash because of electrical problems, bad wiring,” Miller said. “Anything that is faulty in an electrical system can cause sparks and sparks cause fire.”

Chris Miller

Electrictek LLC


License No. #358146