Annual Relay for Life event next week

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

The Portales Police Department is producing a video to help kick off the Relay for Life fundraiser to fight cancer next Friday.

The department has been collecting photographs and information from people affected by cancer. Police Capt. Lonnie Berry, himself a cancer survivor, has been helping gather the information.

“We’re going to show pictures with names, more than likely it will be different people than the one we did last time,” Berry said, noting the department produce a video for the event in 2000.

The forms people have been filling out have a place for a person’s name, date of birth and death and a space for comments by loved ones about the person. So far police have been working on contacting the people who were involved with the last video.

“We’re going to play it at the beginning of the Relay for Life,” Berry said. “We noticed there hasn’t been a video done in a while. We thought it was time to do something to commemorate the people, especially for us since we have so many people here to be commended. There are so many people out in the community that play such a vital role.”

The department has lost four officers to cancer, with the recent passing of Sgt. Preston Wilkerson. The other officers were retired Police Capt. Jack Sheffer, Sgt. Freeman Wesson, Sgt. Juan F. Pacheco and Clovis adult probation officer Fred Schunpert.