It’s their job: Aleson Cage

Name: Aleson Cage

Job: Drivers’ supervisor for Portales Area Transit and Senior Citizens Transport-ation

Background: I went to high school in Las Vegas, Nev. After graduation I moved to Texas. I lived there until December 2006, which is where I met my husband, Mark. I moved to Portales shortly after. I have been in the Navy Reserves for six years and plan on staying in until I retire.

Time on job: In April, I will have been working for the City of Portales for two years.

What does your job entail? Scheduling rides, producing schedules for my drivers and dispatching takes up the bulk of my time. I have taken on a lot of extra responsibilities in the past year, such as payroll, producing budgets, purchasing and training.

What is a typical day like for you? Very hectic. The phone rings constantly. Between the phone, dispatching, paperwork and all the odd jobs that come up during the day, I’m running pretty solid all day long.

Why did you choose this job? I wanted to work for a solid organization that would provide a good future and the possibility of advancing in my career. The City of Portales is a great place to work and has wonderful people in all the different departments.

What type of training, if any, is needed for this job? A large part of the training I received was on the job. I have a lot of experience working in an office environment so the rest came naturally.

What do you enjoy most about your job? What I enjoy most about my job is the ladies that work for me. They are honest, loyal, caring and very hard-working women. They have become a second family, and I wouldn’t want to be in this position without them.

— Compiled by PNT Correspondent Carrie Pendleton