Business feature: Plumbing business grows in Portales

Glen Davis owns D&D Backhoe Plumbing and Heating and has been in business since 1989.

Davis started doing plumbing work before he added the backhoe into his business in 1991.

How he got started: Davis got his backhoe training when he was younger through laying cable. He believes the move into plumbing was a natural evolution.

“I was doing a lot of digging for these other guys,” Davis said. “Sewer, water and gas lines and I thought, yeah, I can do that.”

So he found someone to train him.

Davis has done work for the schools, the jails, swimming pools, sewer, water and gas lines. He also does plumbing and heating for residential homes, and repair work for or new services to a home.

Training involved: Davis trained under a licensed plumber for two years to get his plumber’s license and trained another four years to get his contractor’s license. Prior to that he had to get his excavating license.

He currently holds plumbing, gas mechanical and excavation licenses.

Plumbers lost and found? Davis has found many different things in toilets. He has found wallets, toys and keys. Another plumber he knows found $10,000 in a sewer pipe.

— Compiled by PNT Staff Writer Clarence Plank