Ticket feature: Local group to play in award show

Freedom New Mexico

Local Tejano band Grupo Eclipse is headed to the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio, Texas, this week.

The group of five was invited to play at the event after New Mexico,
Texas, Colorado, and Oregon radio stations played their singles,
“Porque Te Quiero,” which translates to “Why Do I Love You,” and
“Taking a Chance,” a mix of Tejano and country.

“Porque Te Quiero” was ranked 19 of the top 100 songs by a Colorado radio station last year.

The band is made up of friends Ray Montoya on vocals, Roy Valdez on
bass, John Ortiz on the 12-strong Mexican guitar, Andy Montoya on the
accordion and backup vocals and Herb Lindsey on drums. The group has
been together for 15 years and has played many of the local venues and
events, including Clovis’ music festival and the ethnic fair.

“We’ll play anywhere they’ll let us play,” Lindsey said.

Each member of the band has been playing music since they were children.

“We play mainly Tejano, but we play some country and dance music.
We’re all pretty versatile,” said Ray Montoya, who serves as the band’s
manager as well as singer.

Montoya said the band feels like the past 15 years have been working them toward this next big venue.

“We’re hoping to get some exposure and talk to executives,” he said.

The band, which has been playing together mainly as a sideline, are
hoping for enough exposure from the Tejano Awards to be able to focus
on their music.

“That’s all musicians’ goal,” Montoya said.

The band got their start at a cousin’s wedding. After that, the band continued getting bookings and it just kept going.

The band released their fourth album, “Mis Abuelitos” in November