Lacking context, outrage uneven

By Kevin Wilson: PNT columnist

Cue the outrage — must you even ask why?

OK, you must. Barack Obama was on Leno last week. And the topic of Obama’s poor bowling skills came into play, to which the President said his score was on par with the Special Olympics.

One of my right-leaning friends was on my case quickly.

“So, tell me Kev,” he said, “how do you think the liberal media would have reacted if President Bush had made any type of crack about the Special Olympics?”

“Honestly, I think it would have been a situation similar to the time that Bush mocked a legally blind reporter for wearing sunglasses to a press conference. Or when he did an interview mocking a death row inmate pleading not to be killed. A few days of video clips, and then it’s done.”

But don’t call this a “circle the wagons” attempt to defend Obama and what he said. My point is different, and it was proven by my friend.

I brought up Bush’s follies. And later I brought up the time Bush told a guy