Business feature: Duo deals with real estate

Charles and Beverly Bennett own Vista Nueva, Inc., and as of January 1, they joined with the national company United Country to bring in more business. Charles has been in the real estate business for 23 years; Beverly for 13 years.

“Charles wanted a change of pace instead of working on a farm to selling farms and ranches in real estate,” Beverly said. “I ended up staying with the children and raising them until they got into school. Then I decided to go get my real estate license.”

She has always worked in the office being an officer manager, working on the books and doing advertisements. “I’ve always been in the business, but I didn’t get out there and try to sell property,” Beverly said.

The new changes: “I didn’t like how our Web site was showing up on Google,” Charles Bennett said. “People are going to the Internet and we were struggling to get our properties out there. United Country filled that need for us.

“We get an average of fifteen contacts a day wanting to move to New Mexico,” Bennett said. “I’m getting ready to send out packets to Ohio, Washington, Idaho and Florida.”

What it takes to sell real estate: To work in real estate a person needs to have a real estate license.

“I personally think it takes a personality to be able to talk and help people, while being able to see things from their perspective. When your dealing with a home, your dealing with an emotional issue. They’re attached to that home.”

The Bennetts also sell commercial properties. Charles handles farms, ranches and dairies.

Beverly enjoys helping her clients whether it is helping them stage a house or do yard work.