Business feature: Disc jockey says love of music required

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Jose Quezada says anyone can play music, but to be a disc jockey you have to love music.

Quezada has been a DJ for 15 years, since his sister got him involved playing music for her friends in college.

“She would take me along and I would play for the crowds,” Quezada said.

“I started off with two portable cassette players,” Quezada said. “I just went from there and the music grew into a passion because of the crowd.”

Learning to read the crowd: “Music is something I enjoy,” Quezada said. “There’s just something about music that everyone can relate to.”

Quezada and Homer Heuirre work together to listen to their customers and get a feel for how the party is going.

What it takes: “My business is different from any other DJ business,” Quezada said. “I’m bringing actual entertainment and much more. I bring the party that’s my theme.”

Quezada said he brings a staff that will cater to the customers needs.

“When they hire us, they put us to use any way they want,” Quezada said. “I mostly do the music, lights, Karaoke.”

Heuirre said it is about the customer and knowing what they want.

“It is not about what we like to play. It is about what they want.”