Richardson to visit eastern New Mexico

By Kevin Wilson: Freedom New Mexico

Gov. Bill Richardson is visiting eastern New Mexico today as part of his statewide listening tour.

Alarie Ray Garcia, Richardson’s deputy communications director, said
the tour has a stop in each New Mexico county. She said it’s an
opportunity for invited leaders and lawmakers to address projects that
may qualify for stimulus funding under the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act.

Richardson will be at Fort Sumner’s city hall at 1:30 p.m., then
visit the Clovis-Carver Public Library at 3:30 p.m. before finishing
the evening with a 5:30 p.m. stop at the Roosevelt County Courthouse in

Garcia said the meetings could also cover other community needs, but
the tour is primarily to make sure Richardson and others are “on the
same page” on stimulus-related projects.

“It’s just the governor coming to listen to officials,” Garcia said.
“The state’s gotten a lot of paperwork turned in on these things, but
he wants to hear about each project.”

No doubt he’ll hear about the Hull Street Overpass in Clovis, which has been closed since last summer.

“We’ll be talking about Hull Street and see where we are with the
funding there,” Clovis Mayor Gayla Brumfield said. “We’re definitely
still working on that.”

The overpass’ replacement is estimated to cost between $8 million
and $9 million, Clovis City Manager Joe Thomas said, factoring in
construction, design and demolition costs. The aim is to have the
overpass replaced by the middle of 2010.

Thomas said there’s no money in hand, but verbal commitments add up
to about $3.5 million and the design is in the “t’s crossed, i’s
dotted” stages.

“We haven’t prepared the bid document because we are told we need a
federal control number (to qualify for stimulus funds qualification),”
Thomas said.

Other items on the city wish list, Thomas said, are funds to defray
city costs on wastewater treatment plant upgrades, the addition of a
therapy pool and extra classroom space for the wellness center, and
street repairs on Norris Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Curry County Manager Lance Pyle said the county without question
supports the efforts for Hull Street, but the county’s top priority
will be road funding.

“With the expansion of (Cannon Air Force) Base,” Pyle said, “there are needs to go towards maintaining those roads.”

Pyle said he’s also applied for a recovery grant to hire three
additional sheriff’s office deputies, and is thinking in the long-term
about a judicial complex to host district court, judges’ offices and
the district attorney’s office. Such efforts, he said, would save the
county $100,000 in rent and make the judicial system more efficient.

“To better serve the public,” Pyle said, “we need to try to house everything in the same facility.”

Pyle said the Curry County Special Events Center still needs
additional construction on parking and covers for horse stalls, but he
doesn’t believe either of those qualify for stimulus dollars.

Portales City Manager Debi Lee envisions city officials will show gratitude for Richardson’s help on many local projects.

“He’s helped us with job creation and renovation of the Yam
(theater),” Lee said. “He’s been really helpful in funding some
downtown housing as well as Highway 70.”

The city will receive $249,000 in stimulus funds to do landscaping,
median and city entrance improvements along Highway 70, Lee said. But
in general, she said Portales hasn’t asked for many other projects.

“We understand the state’s financial situation,” Lee said. “We’re
appreciative of the projects we’ve got going on. Hopefully, the state’s
financial position will get better soon.”