Business feature: Golf game leads to shop purchase

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

In August 2006, Joann Rackler bought Do Drop In. She opened the doors one month later.

Rackler buys her produce from area stores. She said she’s always wanted to have a restaurant.

Her story: Rackler’s husband was playing in a golf tournament with one of the former owners of the Do Drop In.

“It came up as a joke,” Rackler said. ‘“Do you want to buy a coffee shop?’ My husband said ‘No not really, my wife gets headaches from the smell of coffee.’”

After a week went by, they went to see the place and the more they thought about it, they figured it was a good time to make a move.

“I thought we were buying a coffee shop that sold sandwiches,” Rackler said. “But I bought a sandwich shop that sells coffee.”

Opening day: Rackler is a tea drinker and said she needed a crash course in coffee from a supplier in Amarillo. She also had a lot of patient customers when she first opened the door.

“The first day we were open the espresso machine broke down,” Rackler said. “I brought a new machine, we had some things work against us. We didn’t have a debit machine for six weeks, so people had to get cash.”

What’s on the menu: Rackler inherited the menu she has and added things to it.

“If I don’t like something,” Rackler said. “It doesn’t get put out.”

The Do Drop In sells sandwiches, soups, panini’s, deserts, espresso drinks, Italian sodas and teas. The sandwiches are made fresh every day.

Sometimes during the summer, musicians play on the patio.

“If it is way too busy or someone just wants to sit outside the patio is an alternative,” Rackler said. “Its 20 feet from my door. If someone is a smoker than they can sit out there. I’m not a smoker. A lot of people are. I can’t discriminate.”