A Plea For America

By Joan Clayton: Local columnist

Those who have lived under freedom in “America, the Beautiful,” have been blessed.

My great-grandparents, my grandparents, my parents and my generation have been blessed indeed to live in a country that has been “the land of the free.”

It saddens me to see what has been happening in my beloved land.

In the Old Testament you can read about history repeating itself over and over again. Every time God’s people turned their back on God, enemies overtook them.

I am making a plea for America. We have seen two generations appear who, for many, have not known the meaning of patriotism, honor, integrity or responsibility. We have come to a place that leads to blatant immorality, distrust, betrayal and corruption.

The American character is severely flawed when an overwhelming majority reveals apathy and unconcern, even in the highest levels of government.

We are dangerously coming to the point where life is threatened by rationing doctors. The patients or their loved ones would not have a choice. Those who have worked so hard for a decent income might find it going for taxes or wealth distribution.

Distrust, disrespect and dishonesty seems to rule in our culture. It all leads to deception, and with deception comes lying, anger, strife, malice and greed. This kind of degradation takes a little time, but eventually these evil seeds germinate and grow into full-blown fruition.

Sooner or later the cover-ups appear…then more cover-ups to cover more cover-ups.

Little by little, erosion undermines the whole country.

Finally, people lose faith in the democratic process for which so many died. The right to vote is soon taken away or misguided by fraud. Freedom might be gone, leaving people wondering how it all happened.

Please hear me, America. Please don’t throw your precious heritage away. There is so much at stake. Your children and grandchildren need it.

The demise or success of this country depends on you. “Where there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily, but with honest, sensible leaders, there is stability” (Proverbs 28:2 TLB).

It’s getting late.

Let us repent of our sins and make our country what it used to be.

Let’s stand for America and its freedom. Let our voice be known.

We don’t stand for pornography, immorality, dishonesty or tax burdens. Stand up and be counted. Send Congress a flood of e-mails, letters and phone calls. How could anyone vote for someone who has the honor of serving the people but doesn’t represent them once in office?

Most of all, may we search our lives for our transgressions.