Fireworks sales up in Portales

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

The recession may have hit many people in their wallets, but they are still going to go out with a bang for the fourth.

TNT Fireworks conducted a survey around New Year’s by opening a stand to see how the community reacted. Sales were good.

Kelly Fulfer, who operates the TNT Fireworks stands Clovis, Portales and Roswell, said their number one seller has been the family packs with a variety of fireworks and aerials.

“Since we’ve been able to sell the aerials we’ve been doing pretty good,” said Fulfer, who is also the pastor of Trinity Family Center in Portales. “The aerials shoot flaming balls.”

TNT Fireworks has been selling fireworks in Portales for three years and sales have been a little ahead of what the company made last year, Fulfer said.

TNT Fireworks has been selling so many that they will be getting another delivery of fireworks for the Fourth of July weekend.

Fulfer said as of Wednesday night they made a few hundred dollars more than the total from last year’s sales.

Another vendor, Mr. Segovia’s, near the La Hacienda restaurant, is the only family-owned fireworks business in Portales.

Eric Segovia said their most popular fireworks have been the thunder snaps and artillery.

“People usually come in and buy a little bit at a time,” Segovia said. “Starting tonight our stuff will be flying off the shelves.”

Segovia said the family pack and artillery shells have been selling pretty well.

Portales Police Capt. Lonnie Berry said fireworks are legal to use within city limits since their is a no burn ban, but residents should use caution.

Berry said police know that some of the fireworks are best at night so they give people up to 1 1/2 hour to shoot fireworks.

“If people start to call and complain about fireworks in a specific area,” Berry said “We’ll start to deal with those complaints.”

Most of the complaints police get are about the noise, and they try to work things out between neighbors, Berry said.

Berry urged caution when playing with fireworks and advises to keep a bucket of water nearby just in case of a small fire.

Portales residents get a special treat in being able to celebrate the Fourth of July twice this weekend. With the Smokin’ 3rd Bash at Greyhound Arena today and Smoke on the Water Saturday in Clovis.

Safety Tips

• Place fireworks on a sturdy surface, concrete or asphalt.

• Have a bucket of water or water hose.

• Don’t let children play with fireworks.

• Never point toward or throw at a person.

• Don’t hold a lit firework in your hands.

• Make sure to clean up after shooting off fireworks.

• Place used sparklers in water to cool.

• Never carry fireworks in pocket or shoot them in metal or glass containers.

• Use only outside.

• Never experiment with homemade fireworks.

• Only use fireworks for what they were intended for.

Source: Portales Police Department and Eric Segovia, fireworks stand operator.