Commissioners approve county manager pay raise

By Argen Duncan: PNT senior writer

Roosevelt County Commissioners have given the county manager a 4 percent pay raise, citing her performance and experience as the reasons.

The commission voted unanimously, with Commissioner Jake Lopez absent, for Charlene Hardin’s pay increase after a closed session at their meeting Tuesday in the County Courthouse.

“She deserved it, and we gave it to her,” said commission Chairman David Sanders.

Hardin didn’t receive a raise last year or ask for one this year, he said.

This year, all county employees received a 3 percent to 5 percent pay increase, with the exact amount at their department head’s discretion, Sanders said. The elected officials didn’t get a raise.

“I’m very appreciative for the pay raise,” Hardin said.

Commissioner Gene Creighton also said Hardin did a good job.

“She does a lot of work that nobody really knows she does,” Creighton said.

Hardin does a lot of research and keeps up with changing state requirement, he continued.

Creighton estimated the increase brings Hardin’s salary to $67,000 to $68,000.

Commissioner Bill Cathey also praised Hardin.

“She’s got enough experience now, and she knows our county and how things work, and we want to keep her, and she’s doing a good job,” he said.

Lopez said he would have voted for the raise if he hadn’t needed to leave for a funeral. He doesn’t see anything wrong with having people do a good job and keeping them, Lopez said.

Commissioner Paul Grider was unavailable for comment.