Pizza chain expanding to Portales

By Argen Duncan: PNT senior writer

The story is getting a little cheesy, but that’s only because of the pizza.

A Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizza store is on its way to Portales.

The White family, owners of the Clovis Papa Murphy’s, plans to open a second store here within weeks, probably in mid-August, said Adrian White, co-owner and financial manager. He plans to move into 421 S. Ave. C, next door to Landall’s Box Office.

As reasons for opening the new store, White pointed to customers from Portales in his Clovis store and the state of Portales.

“It’s already undergoing some really important changes, and we thought we could be an addition to those changes,” he said.

White said the Portales store would offer the same menu as Clovis, including pizzas, calzones, salad, cheesy bread and cookie dough, all made with fresh ingredients.

“We have an absolutely excellent lasagna,” he added.

And, yes, Papa Murphy’s does have green chile and jalapenos for toppings.

In Clovis, the family-sized, or 16-inch pizza, is a big seller, with White’s Papa Murphy’s making more family-sized pizzas, proportional to the size of the town, than any of its counterparts in New Mexico, Oklahoma or Texas, he said.

In Clovis, Papa Murphy’s offers tours to day care centers and other organizations, discounts at such events as vacation Bible schools and sponsorships for area students. White intends to continue such practices in Portales.

Greg Fisher, Roosevelt County Community Development Corporation director, said he has been working with the Whites to bring in Papa Murphy’s for some time.

“We know that our dining economy is really great here, so we’re looking for quality choices,” he said. “And (the Whites) have a really great product, so we’re glad they’re coming to Portales.”

In the future, White expects to see the business grow, probably to the point of opening a third store in New Mexico within the year.

For the Whites, Papa Murphy’s is truly a family business.

White and his wife, Cathy, own the Papa Murphy’s store with their son Adam Turbeville and his wife, Misty.

Cathy White manages the store, an independent franchise associated with the international Papa Murphy’s chain, full time. The other owners work there in addition to teaching in the cases of Adrian White and Misty Turbeville and service in the U.S. Air Force for Adam Turbeville.

Cathy and Adrian White’s second son, Anthony Lindsey, has worked in the Clovis store since its opening, and Adam Turbeville’s young daughters, Alyssa and Madison, are learning the ropes there as well.

The family likes the Papa Murphy’s business for two reasons, the first being the quality product, Adrian White said.

“Secondly, we’re all people,” he said, adding that his family likes working with the public.