Business Feature: Retirees delve into second business

When Jo Anna Baker and her husband, Wayne, retired from farming, she didn’t know what she could do with her time.

After some thought and the purchase of an embroidery machine, Baker realized there was a need in Portales for a custom embroidery shop.

Baker said she slowly started to add equipment to her shop. Now, she has six machines to do the custom work she needs.

The machines allow her to make the pattern on the computer, then transfer the pattern to be carried out by the machine.

“Our motto is, it is our job to make you look good,” Baker said. “We specialize in custom embroidery and screen printing.”

Baker said she can do anything from personalized quilt blocks to big corporate jobs.

“If you go overseas and order caps, like the great big companies do,” Baker said. “You have to order a thousand, and wait three months. But here locally, if somebody comes in, usually in two weeks or less we can have that kind of order turned around for them.”

Design by J did the uniforms for Roosevelt County All-Stars and their parent’s shirts.

Baker said they got so busy that they had to move to their current location.

“We outgrew our shop,” Baker said. “It was over 900 square feet there and we just got to where we were on top of ourselves.”

Baker said the 1429 S. Avenue D building is more visible to people and offers more parking for customers.