Getting to know: Portales minister reaches out to youth

Chris Horton is finishing his fourth week as minister of youth and education at First Baptist Church. The Portales native has a bachelor’s in history with a minor in religion from Eastern New Mexico University.

Horton and his wife, Amy, have two sons, 7-year-old Brett and 4-year-old Dylan, and a daughter, Ainsley, 8 months.

What’s your philosophy for the youth ministry? It’s basically to love teenagers and help those who are Christians grow in their faith, and then reach out to those who aren’t Christians yet.

What do you think is the most important thing you can teach these teenagers? That God loves them, and because of that, he sent his son to die for them. Because his son died for them, they can have relationship with God.

How do you want to involve the parents in your ministry? I encourage them to be involved in every aspect of the ministry, from volunteering to helping out with activities. They’re the primary role models for their children, so I want to involve them in as much as possible.

What’s your favorite movie and why? “Saving Private Ryan” because I’m a history buff and love World War II.

If you could go anywhere in the universe, at no charge and whether it’s physically possible or not, where would it be and why? I’m going to be boring and say I would probably go to the Holy Land, Israel, just to see the place where Jesus walked and the history behind the Christian faith.

What’s your favorite dessert and why? I would have to say a peanut butter cup Blizzard, and the reason why is it combines my favorite food, which is ice cream, and my favorite candy, which is peanut butter cups.

If you could have any ability, whether physically possible or not, what would it be? Why? I’d have to say to fly. That would expand my traveling abilities without paying airfare or even gas.