Flu clinic’s hours varying

Freedom New Mexico

The Roosevelt General Hospital Physicians Clinic is asking people to call ahead because the hours have changed for the flu clinic due to a decrease of patients and fewer available staff members because some have flu-like symptoms, according to information from the hospital.

The number of patients with flu-like symptoms has decreased in the last few days; however, the New Mexico Department of Health anticipates a surge in those cases in the upcoming weeks, according to the hospital.

The flu clinic is operating on an as-needed basis, opening as the demand decrees, according to the information. Currently, the clinic is open 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

According to the hospital the hours and status of the flu clinic may change day to day. Flu clinic hours will be posted on the RGH Physicians Clinic door. It is also recommended to call the clinic at 356-6652 for updated information on the flu clinic.