Teddy bears take their place in class

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Teddy bears on parade mark the end of a week-long learning experience for students at L.L. Brown Early Childhood Center on Friday.

Students have brought their furry little friends to class for the annual fall Teddy Bear Week celebration.

Cole Rowland, 5, brought his teddy bear Zack, which is named after his brother. Monday, Rowland and his classmates made Care Bears and named them as part of a class activity.

“I made a Care Bear, and it’s green,” Rowland said. “It is about the size of Zack. I just did the face, the body and the arms. I was the first one to be done with mine.”

Teacher Dawn Hall said the students made a circle on the bears’ bellies, drew pictures and named them.

The children bring their bears in on Monday, and furry toys are incorporated into reading, writing, art and math during the week.

The Teddy Bear Parade has been going on for a long time, Hall said. She has been a teacher at Brown for 10 years.

Another student, Jacqulyn Flores, 5, said she is looking forward to seeing the other teddy bears in the parade Friday.

Flores brought her panda teddy bear, Rose, to class to learn more about her.

“Rose comes from the jungle and eats bamboo,” Flores said.

“We do all kind of things,” Hall said. “Science, we talk about their habitat, where they live and what the bears eat. Then on Friday we have a teddy bear play, where the teachers dress up.”

Students have snacks, see the play and guess who the costumed teachers are. The play is “Goldilocks and Three Bears.”

“The children love it because they get to see the teachers wearing costumes,” Hall said.

Next week, the students themselves get to perform the same play as part of learning.

The teachers read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to students ahead of time so they will know the story. Students have been learning beginning sounds and ending sounds this week as part of learning about the characters in the story.