Getting to know: Engineer began volunteer work in college

Name: Antonio Sanchez

Job: Engineering manager for Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative Inc. and owner of Eastern New Mexico Engineering.

Background: Sanchez grew up in Raton and moved to Portales in September 1999. He is married to Layle and has three children under the age of 9.

Where he’s volunteered: Rotary Club and Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce board member and past president of both organizations; secretary/treasurer of New Mexico Rural Cooperative Engineers Association; Meals on Wheels; Portales Military Affairs Committee; tee ball coach and tennis instructor; speaker in public schools.

Why do you volunteer? “I volunteer just because I think it’s important that you give back to your community. I don’t do it for the recognition.”

How did you get started volunteering? Sanchez began volunteering while in college at Eastern New Mexico University when he agreed to tutor a struggling fellow student in math.

“Jerry Partin (his boss at RCEC) got me involved in Rotary. That’s where my true volunteering is. My heart’s with Rotary and what it stands for: ‘Service Above Self.’”

Hardest lesson learned volunteering? Sanchez says there never seems to be enough volunteers.

“Everybody doesn’t embrace volunteering the same. I don’t know how we could survive without volunteers. This town is blessed with volunteers.”

Favorite memory volunteering? “Seeing the new Rotary Park upgrades come into fruition. You start something, the community sees it, and they all jump in. It wasn’t just something I did.”

Sanchez says it also creates a good memory every time a senior citizen smiles when he drops off a lunch for Meals on Wheels.

If you could spend time with any person living or dead, who would it be? Nikola Tesla, the creator of transformers and other inventions related to electrical engineering.

Favorite quote or axiom that drives your volunteer life? “It’s one I came up with myself. Yes, I love my God. He is my fountain of life and my savior. He keeps me going day and night. Without him, I am no one. But with him, I can do everything. Christ is my strength.”