Getting to know: Pastor comes from family of faithful

Todd Terry is a pastor at Faith Triumphant Church.

Background: People who know him call him Pastor Todd. He was born in Portales in the 1960s and grew up on his grandparent’s (Dave and Juanita Terry) dairy farm. He attended school in Floyd and Portales. Terry’s father, James Terry, founded Faith Triumphant Church in 1980 with three families. In 1983 the church added Faith Triumphant School.

Terry met his wife Ginger while attending Eastern New Mexico University. They have three children ranging from 2 to 6 years old.

After attending Bible school, Terry returned to Portales in 1987 as the church’s youth director. He is now the principal of the school and has assumed pulpit duties in the last few years with his father continuing as lead pastor.

Years in the ministry: 22, all at Faith Triumphant Church

How were you called, or how did you decide on the ministry? “I would say I knew really early on as a boy (8 years old). One night my mother came in my bedroom for my prayers and I told her that I knew some day I would be a preacher.”

Training and education? Terry attended Rhema Bible Training Center founded by Kenneth E. Hagan in Tulsa, Okla., for two years. After returning to Portales, he finished a theatre degree at ENMU in his late 20s. He uses that training when the church puts on a monthly or semi-monthly play called “The Friends.”

Favorite Bible verse or lesson to teach: “Something I like to talk about a lot is freedom. I like to help people see the goodness in God and that he wants us to succeed. God is good and there can be joy in the journey.”

Favorite memory: “When I first came home. There was no money for the youth program, and in a town that doesn’t have a lot for kids to do, we had to be creative. Things like making a beach out of blow sand. We weren’t competing with all the technology then. You could have a meeting in someone’s hay barn, and everyone was blessed.”

— Compiled by PNT Correspondent Karl Terry.