Getting to know: Volunteer carries on leadership tradition

Joy Levacy, co-owner of Levacy Sprinklers Inc. on N.M. 267, has served as the organizational leader of the Winners’ Circle 4-H Club for five years and is the secretary of the Roosevelt County Fair Junior Livestock Sale.

She is stepping down as the Winners Circle leader, but plans to continue helping the club for another year, until her youngest son is a senior in high school.

What is it that made you volunteer? I had two boys interested in 4-H, so we did it as a family. I was in 4-H growing up, so I knew what it was about. And my mom was a leader, so it’s a family continuation.

What have you learned from the 4-H club? How to be a better person, to be more outgoing and organized, and the enjoyment of people.

When you’ve encountered setbacks or obstacles with the club, how do you deal with it? Oh, you always do, but that’s part of life. You encounter that in your daily life, so you just keep going. There’s always something bright even if it’s dark. There’s a reason for it, so keep going.

What do you like best about 4-H and what it offers? The variety of programs from indoor projects to outdoor projects. 4-H is a well-rounded organization, and it has a lot to offer the community. And to the children, it teaches them things in life such as character, responsibility, leadership.

What’s your favorite book and why? It’s the James Herriot series: “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “All Things Wise and Wonderful,” “All Creatures Great and Small,” and “The Lord God Made Them All.” Because of the story behind them and how it teaches character and the cycle of life and the trials and tribulations we go through life.

Say somebody gave you a million dollars, no strings attached. What three things would you do? Like everyone else, pay some bills. Give some to charity. Put some in the bank; save some for a rainy day.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich and why? I would say bologna and cheese. That’s what my family’s always had, so that’s what we have.

Let’s say you’re moving to another country and your family is going with you. What three material things would you take? Collectibles, because I collect Hallmark ornaments. Family mementos like grandmother’s afghan. Family photos and scrapbooks.

— Compiled by PNT Senior Writer Argen Duncan.