Look for blessings in everyday life

By Joan Clayton: PNT columnist

Jesus has provided the greatest gift in the history of the human race by laying down his life for our eternal salvation. Yet he sends beautiful gifts just waiting to be opened every day. They are wonderful little surprises that, unless we are tuned in, will go right on by and not even be noticed. That has to offend our heavenly Father, who lovingly wants to bless us.

These important principles position a person to receive blessings. Otherwise, when the blessings occur, they may not be recognized and will simply pass as happenstance. Blessings need to be savored and cherished.

Here are just 10 principles, but life is filled with many more.

1. Have childlike faith. Children abandon themselves in life. Our youngest son didn’t know his tonsillectomy would leave him in pain. His faith was centered on his daddy as he said, “Bye, daddy and mommy. I’ll see you in a minute.”

Isn’t it the same with us? We may have painful times, but we are God’s children and as long as our “Father is there,” things will be all right.

2. See with your heart. Seeing with the heart is the best sight of all. Seeing with your heart enables you to reach out in love without criticism or judgment.

3. Listen with the heart. Read between the lines. I must listen with my heart if I am going to hear that gentle whisper. Listen for the “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12). Listening with the heart also enables you to hear what is not said.

4. Realize love has no boundaries. Love is not based upon performance or “What’s in it for me?” These special little blessings only come through unselfish love and acceptance, without a thought of being reciprocated.

5. Live in the now of life. Postponing your life for this or that is not productive.

With God all things are possible. Live in the now, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

6. Avoid pessimism. It blocks blessings and is a joy stealer. Jesus has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. The best is yet to be for God’s child.

7. Have an attitude of gratitude. On any given day, you can spend the entire day finding things to be grateful for. In every situation, there is always something good. Look for it. You will discover a blessing from God.

8. Expect the best. Do you pray expecting the best? Do you really believe? When our children requested something from their daddy, they didn’t waver around in doubt and unbelief. Their daddy had promised. So has ours.

9. Do something for someone else. Doing for others puts you in a place to receive bountiful blessings!

10. Start and end your day with prayer. This not only starts your day right and ends your night right, but it keeps your focus on what is the most important thing in life, the assurance of your destiny.

These ten simple techniques fill our lives with joy. Try them. You will be surprised with the joy that comes back to you.

Look for God’s wonderful surprises. They are all around you.

Receive God’s blessings today and pass them on!