Wal-Mart donates truck to fire department

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Wal-Mart donated a truck to the Portales Fire Department Friday for hauling a water tanker.

The truck is a 2004 Peterbuilt semi and valued at $30,000 by Wal-Mart.

Public Affairs and Government Relations Senior Manager Delia Garcia said Interim Fire Chief Gary Nuckols contacted the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Plainview, Texas.

“They shared their story about them having a water tanker that had been donated,” Garcia said. “They didn’t have a way to get the tanker truck to where the fires would be because they didn’t have a tractor to pull it and they didn’t have the money to purchase one.”

Wal-Mart was looking to decommission a tractor from its fleet so it just worked out that Wal-Mart was able to make the donation, said Garcia.

Garcia said if the tractor was sold at auction it would probably bring in $30,000.

The water tanker was donated last fall by Dairy Farmers of America. The tanker has a value of $20,000.

“It gives us a portable water source near the location of a fire event,” said Mayor Orlando Ortega Jr. “If they’re out fighting a grass fire… the pumpers can go back to this tanker to refill with water rather than drive back to town to the nearest fire hydrant.”

“This is a great asset not only to the community and the city of Portales, but the county as well,” Interim Fire Chief Gary Nuckols said.