Columnist follows signs, returns to writing

By Grant McGee: Local Columnist

In August 2008 I wrote what I thought was my last column for Freedom New Mexico.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise … I’m back.

I never said I’d never be back. I closed my last column with simply, “That’s it … for now.”

There were a number of reasons I stopped writing. One was I thought I’d run out of things to say. Another was that I was feeling the stress of constantly thinking of the next thing to write about.

I find that after almost two years the writing bug still nags at me. I had always fancied myself a writer. I especially liked the idea of getting those big checks in the mail.

A favorite quote of mine is “To be a writer at 20 is to be 20. To be a writer at 40 is to be a writer.” Well, I’m over 50 now. I bet I can find a few more things to say.

As for the stress, well, I stopped writing and the stress didn’t go away. I guess it ain’t the writing that’s turning on the pressure.

Then there were the readers. Even though my last column was in 2008, as recently as November somebody said, “I like to read your column every week.”

Then I ran into Editor David Stevens who said he’d like to have me back in the paper. I took this as a sign to return to these pages.

So folks, I’m back to writing. And no, I haven’t stopped doing the radio thing and I have even added running a bicycle shop to my repertoire.

Thank you to Editor Stevens and Publisher Ray Sullivan for letting me back on board. Thanks as always to my momma for inspiring me. Thanks to The Lady of the House for putting up with me.

And thank you, dear reader.