Meetings watch: Roosevelt General Hospital Board

During the Roosevelt General Hospital board meeting on Thursday at RGH, the board:

• Heard from Chief Financial Officer Eva Stevens that the clinic revenue was up and expenses for the month were normal. Under its hospital-based rural health clinic designation, the clinic is able to bill Medicaid for about $60,000, the expected amount, Stevens said. Medicaid personnel will adjust the numbers once they receive a cost report from the clinic.

• Approved policy and procedure for the home health and radiology manuals.

• Heard Chief of Staff Dr. Leslie Donaldson say the clinic staff is interested in recruiting two family physicians or a family physician and mid-level nurse practitioner in the future.

• Heard the nursing service report.

• Heard from Covenant Health Systems representative David Shaw about Covenant’s search for a new CEO and learned that a new representative is to take over for Shaw at RGH board meetings.

• Approved the Covenant-RGH affiliation agreement

• Heard board Chairman Terry Cone say in 30 days, Administrator Larry Leaming’s contract with Covenant would expire and the board would approve his contract with RGH. At that time, Leaming would go from being a Covenant employee who worked at RGH to being employed by the hospital.

• In executive session, discussed the possible sale of a hospital asset. The board voted to table the issue until they learned the affect of the sale on employees. Cone said details would be revealed at a later date.