My turn: No love for liberals

When David Stevens, my esteemed fellow Astros fan and Freedom New Mexico editor, asked me to write a weekly column, I was reticent. I did not want my personal views associated with my job.

More importantly, having only moved to Portales from Dallas in 1982, I know Roosevelt County liberals are not interested in the opinions of an ultra-conservative newcomer from Texas.

However, my views have become more centrist. I hope that will protect me from the tie-dyed, sandal-wearing, burgundy-sipping liberals who think a good book is based on facts and evidence.

I am still ultra-conservative in believing big government should not intrude into citizens’ personal lives — including choices about worshiping or not worshiping whoever or whatever we choose to (or not to).

I don’t need authorities deciding whose views I will be subjected to when receiving my veteran’s exemption while paying property taxes.

If we slide down that slippery slope, what’s to keep middle-aged-wig-wearing-long-haired liberals from insisting that a synopsis of the Big Bang Theory (or at least an episode of the CBS show) be posted on the Yam Theatre marquee?

To see photos of me not wearing my conservative hat, “friend” me on my centrist Facebook page at “Wendel Sloan.”