My turn: Let’s talk about this

In completing this two-part introduction, let me assure you I’d rather not write about politics or religion. Unfortunately, I am sometimes compelled by misfired missives or wanton words.

Example: a recent mass e-mail that said our country had elected a “half-Arab president” who had “nominated a black attorney general.”

Whether you are apolitical, think Glenn Beck was right in comparing churches that practice “social justice” with Nazism and Communism, or a Naval electronic spy who defended our country on Guam by interdicting as much Thai cannabis as possible before it could reach impressionable, collegiate summer hay-haulers in east Texas, I think everyone who does not consider wearing white sheets a spring fashion statement will agree that was ignorant.

In a democracy of 300 million, there is seldom overwhelming agreement about complex issues. Rather than protesting with name-calling sound bites and stereotypes, we can hike up our big-boy pants and engage in respectful, mature discussions.

In the future, provided I do not get too provoked by extremists on either side of the podium or pulpit, I hope to concentrate on the endless experiences that make life painful, fun, depressing and inspiring.

As a reminder, I’ve written a note on my hand.