Sandwich best paired with dairy

By Argen Duncan: PNT Senior Writer

As promised, let me introduce a sandwich I recently put together. I’ve kept the fat and processed sugar lower than they could be, but it’s still nice and sweet.

Cherry-banana sandwich

• two slices of bread (I like white for this, but whole wheat is healthier.)

• one banana, sliced into half-inch thick pieces

• no-sugar-added cherry preserves

Spread the preserves thickly on one piece of bread. Cover the preserves with banana slices. Pop any leftover slices into your mouth. Slap the second piece of bread on top of the banana slices. Chow down.

Nutritionists are probably about to kill me for encouraging consumption of refined carbs, (white bread), without even putting protein in the sandwich. So, I recommend eating the sandwich with a source of protein, maybe a cup of yogurt, a glass of milk or peanut butter spread on a halved apple or celery sticks.

Protein sticks with you longer, so lunch doesn’t just drop you an hour or two later.

I’d be happy to hear your own sandwich ideas and a note on how you came by them, if you’d like to share.

Next week: New Mexico’s chile obsession.

Argen Duncan is the PNT senior writer. Her column appears on Thursdays. You can reach her at 356-4481 or by e-mail: