My turn: You’re an old timer if…

By David Stevens: Editor for Freedom New Mexico

Now that 50 is the new 30, and 85-year-old ex-presidents are jumping out of airplanes, how can you tell if you’re an old-timer?

You’re an old-timer if you can remember …

• the Green Hornet radio show, which ran from 1936 to 1943. Newspaper publisher Britt Reid was the crime-fighting Green Hornet, whose gun fired knockout gas instead of bullets.

• Cab Calloway was the “Hi De Ho” jazz singer from the 1940s. He was known to forget words to songs, so he improvised with nonsensical words to fit the beat.

• playing with a Pogo stick as a child. The jumping stick was patented in 1919, though the original wooden version tended to rot and warp, leading to metal and steel frames.