Their view: Marx Brothers were consummate entertainers

Portales’ Ed Watson read Editor David Stevens’ column on old-timers in Sunday’s PNT and brought up a long-ago memory of his own:

“I was a submarine sailor during World War II and we were back in Pearl Harbor from patrol and saw Kay Kyser at a USO (United Service Organizations) show.

“I noticed a large harp on the back of the stage. About 15 or 20 minutes into the program, there was a scream backstage and a girl ran across the stage and Harpo Marx was chasing her.

“He glanced to his right, saw the harp and slid to a stop, went over to the harp, sat down and played about 15 minutes of as beautiful music as I’ve ever heard.

“I loved the Marx Brothers and watched Groucho on TV when he had a weekly show.”