Their view: Success starts with students

Success starts with students

Doug Turner is a Republican candidate for New Mexico governor. Here’s what he has to say about education:

“We have a moral obligation to give our children the best future possible. … Many of New Mexico’s native sons and daughters owe their success to good schools and great teachers. But not every New Mexican has gotten a fair shot at the American dream which begins with a good education.

“Here are four proposals I will advance as governor:

“• School choice: Parents must be in charge of their child’s education — not state or school administrators.

“• Merit pay and accountability: When our children are motivated and prepared for the future, the teacher pay discussion is significantly different than when they aren’t able to read or write. I have always believed that performance-based pay is as fundamental to an efficient education system as it is to a successful business.

“• Curriculum: For our schools to be successful they must be rigorous and

relevant. … We need to look at what we are teaching and why.

• “Capital improvements: Unchecked growth in the size of our state’s government has severely limited the capital dollars available for our schools’ infrastructure. Suspending Little Davis Bacon, the prevailing wage statute for school projects, would allow our education dollars to go a lot further. This law adds as much as 30 percent to the cost of new construction and refurbishment.”

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