Fire at Western Star Dairy

High winds and temperatures are hampering firefighters’ efforts to stop a silage fire Thursday at a Roosevelt County dairy.

Steven Cain of Portales and Floyd fire departments said feed caught fire at Western Star Dairy, and the blaze spread into a large pile of silage, including the plastic and tires covering it.

He said firefighters were able to keep the flames from a barn storing feed, but spot fires were flaring up in cow pens, he said.

“So we’re aggressively trying to protect the cattle in the lots right now,” said Cain, who was directing the firefighting effort.

Cain said about 50 firefighters from Arch, Elida, Cannon Air Force Base, Clovis, Floyd, Melrose and Portales were on scene.

John Kropp of Portales and Floyd fire departments said dairy workers were volunteering their services as well.

Cain said firefighters were struggling with the fire because of high temperatures, the direction of the wind and high wind speeds.

“Right now, we’re trying to keep it from spreading,” he said.

Dairy workers moved hay away from the fire and began using a front-end loader to pile up the burning feed to consolidate the flames.

However, the loader caught fire, and Kropp said it was saved but disabled because of a computer problem.